Cheap Escorts Lockdown Hobby

So it goes without saying that lockdown has been such a ball ache we can’t go anywhere we can’t meet our friends we can’t even touch each other and as cheap escorts that’s difficult. Work has been really quiet at the agency since the lockdown it’s understandable as with social distancing how can you go on a date and stay 2 metres apart. Those 2 meters interfere severely with any intimacy or even fun or flirting between you and your date. So things in the agency have been so there’s not many people booking dates because quite frankly there’s just no point we might as well just meet up over zoom.  

A lot of the girls from the London escort agency have reverted to doing zoom dates as part of their service but I really can’t get down with this I love the tactile nature of working for the top London escort agency. Going out on dates are literally the highlight of my life I get to meet new people have new and refreshing and stimulating conversations and there’s just been ruined by the 2 m rule.  

So how do I keep myself occupied during lockdown. Well a couple of the girls from the agency have decided to start a new online dating London escorts forum. This seems to be going well for the girls however like I said before I’m not really interested in doing a date over zoom it seems pretty boring to me. Don’t get me wrong the girls from the London escorts agency had been making a ton of money from this online dating via zoom however the reason why I got into escorting is to be face-to-face with people and intimate with them.  

So I’ve kind of come up with my own way of being able to safely meet up with clients. Some of my regular clients from the agency have called me and insisted that they have had covert testing and they have received a negative result. I to test myself regularly and make sure that I self isolate. I actually have a second flat in London so I’ve set up a sexy little boudoir there in the flat where I can meet my clients have tested negative. I insist on receiving video evidence that they have a negative test once I’ve received that I make the booking and meet up with these fabulous sexy guys.  

Obviously I don’t wanna catch Covid nor do I wanna pass it on to anyone else so I do have limited time slots where I would meet up with my dates from London escorts. Because of the infrequency between each date there is so much more intensity once we meet is literally electrifying. These girls from London escorts may be happy with their zoom dates but I’m all about the intimacy and face-to-face customer service. So my lockdown hasn’t been as boring as many others even with the infrequency of the dates.

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