Jay Sin’s TS Playground #26 2017 Ingrid Moreira Valenttina Monsterdick, Masturbation, Stockings

In T S Playground #26, manager Jay Sin that is horrific joins sex- bending erotica with severe perversion: practical T, Four femme -women undertake daring studs for booty fucking, and 2 more screen their solo masturbation methods that are lively. Soft blond Carol Penelope shares butt and dick-sucking sexual intercourse session along with her good-looking boyfriend. Trendy Latina Stefany Souza oils her bloated, veiny prick up to get a wank that is magnificent. Hot, aptly-named Valenttina Monsterdick’s enormous, uncut she-creature expanses blessed Spencer Fox’s ass hole. Glamorous T S elegance Danny Bandochy gets a back reaming that is exciting, and she packs her guy’s tight anus. They each finish in a mess. Buxom Brazilian T-tramp Juliana Nogueira loves carrying through sodomy with boytoy Christian; he cums on her butt and she sucks the last drops of spunk out. Her masturbatory techniques are demonstrated by TS bomb shell In-Grid Moreira, distributing oil on her large, broad-nippled breasts and pumping her glistening cock to climax.


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