Harmony Films Looking for Freedom 2016 Max Cortes Dahlia Sky, Plot Based, Storyline

In the darkest nights… a dishonest gunslinger is humanity’s only hope. Evil is brewing in Oaxville. The entire town has been bowed by Sandor Kalimdor, the villain who came back in the abyss under his order. Innocent people are being performed for no purpose, and his excellent psychic ability that abducts the maidens affects the mental sector of perversion and ruins their self-command, creating them give up themselves to his depravities that were filthy. The Sheriff has dropped his power and roams about, desolated. He’s just a drunk the unique dancers from the brothel in the town’s can not simply take the pain away. But maybe not everything is dropped: the hero hungry for justice, Renfield, tactics such as, for instance, a flash of of sunshine coming, on his trip to redemption. Just the darkness that devours everything can be confronted by him.


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