The Private Gladiator #2 2004 Sophie Evans Mandy Bright, Blonde, Brunette

General Maximus, after being a slave, returns to Rome. In his head and his heart, he’s simply one desire: To take vengeance on Comodus. In order to do so he turn into a myth, and must become a gladiator, win glory in the stadium, make himself adored by people. He satisfies a classic love of his, Cesar’s cousin, and Domitila when he arrives in town. When he is seen by Domitila she gives free rein to her feelings that are ardent, but need to do conflict with Siria, the slave-woman who’s with Maximus. The next chapter of The Gladiator trilogy is indeed more dramatic than the first. The truth is, following the battle fields, Maximus should battle against animals and gladiators, in the stadium in the Coliseum. This thrilling instalment of the saga can also be a trustworthy reconstruction of the arts of girls, whether they were Patricians with an itch to scratch, or unbridled girls given to gangbangs and sodomy. Early brothels, the orgies in the Lupanars, the hookers, the celebrations held by Comodus and his henchmen, bring alive a set of shocking and erotic sex scenes, with affecting and sinful girls, fans of orgy and proud of the artwork.

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