DNA (Wicked) 2016 Asa Akira, Brad Armstrong , Adult Movies, Plot Based

Award Winning director Brad Armstrong and wicked Pictures bring you the story of a business with innovative technologies in a position to bring loved ones who have died back. Customers that are ready commission the ‘Carbons’ who are subsequently cloned from DNA samples that are accessible. The bereaved sense their lover’s contact one final time for or can get the close they have been hunting. The clones are best in every manner and company is booming. CEO Malcolm Moore (Brad Armstrong) and V.P. Lidia K Line (Jessica Drake) are elated, but things take a turn for the weird when one of the carbons, Kayla (Asa Akira) becomes conscious of her former existence and understands Miles Dunn (Little Hands) the guy who had her cut back back alive is really her killer. From that point itis a game with Miles rapidly closing in and Kayla about the run. Deoxyribonucleic acid is an erotic thriller packed impressive visuals and unbelievable functionality. This sci fi masterpiece will please anyone who values porno having a storyline. Sex that is great. Great Performing. Great Picture.


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